Desforma is a legacy of shared values and vision. An achievement of a creative family union. Established in 1994 by Kestutis Spokas, the company was joined by his daughter Brigita Marija Spokaite-Norvaise in 2009. 

Our Story

Kestutis Spokas' passion for design led him to establish a company that would reflect a unique expression of his vision. He believed that furniture should be both functional and beautiful, and that every piece should be crafted with care and precision.Desforma’s vision for furniture design was a bold step from the traditional forms that were in the industry at the time. He wanted to create pieces that would capture the imagination and bring a sense of energy and movement to a space. Spokas spent seven years working closely with skilled craftsmen to develop the technology that could bring his vision of sculpturous and functional upholstered furniture to life.The focus was on ensuring that the furniture had strong and durable construction.

The company's dedication to innovation and individuality successfully developed a new technology for constructing furniture known as 'spheric construction technology'. This invention has been officially certified. The unique feature of this technology is that it allows the furniture to be sculptural and have a complex internal architecture that is sinuous in shape. 

 Almost thirty years of experience in the upholstered furniture sector brand has built a solid reputation matching the highest quality standards and a passion for artisan techniques. It is at the forefront of uniquely designed furniture: each piece is created to astonish and comfort. 

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